I cannot thank her enough for the time that she was part of my team. She will be a tremendous asset to anyone who wishes to improve t­he functionality of their business.”

Steven G

Ms. Coheley was knowledgeable and readily available to assist with updates to meet our needs. Even at trying times I find her demure in dealing with finding ways and means of resolving issues. Whether that be simple or complex, she competently handles the situation quite well. If there are any unresolved issues, she would research and come back with a timely solution.”

Jose J

Ms. Coheley was always very pleasant to work with, both supportive and patient. She is also a true professional, while able to ease the concerns of her clients.”

Wendy V

As an individual, I find Shelly to be extremely reliable, highly professional, easily reachable, available, and very prompt in addressing the needs of the practice.”

Mukarram S

I have always been impressed with Ms. Coheley’s work ethic and her goal to ensure that her organization become successful.”

Imran Q

I enjoyed working with Shelly as an administrative partner. I like her firm but fair administrative leadership. Her no-nonsense productivity focus. I share her passion for a seamless, value-adding clinic process and flow for making sure that patients get what they need when they want it and satisfied”

Dwight E